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Article by Bishop William Nicholson, UAMM President, March 31, 2017:

NOTE:  Soon a new website entirely devoted to United Alaska Moravian Ministry (UAMM) will be published.  A button will appear on this site to link to UAMM’s information.   All of UAMM’s  news and articles will be transferred to the UAMM domain.  Anchorage Moravian Church (AncMC) falls under UAMM, so this site (www.alaskamoravian.org) will be solely the AncMC site, not UAMM.  Folks, please be watching!

As a Moravian Group recognized by the Unitas Fratrum in November 2012, it’s status reaffirmed in May 2014, and then by August 2016 UAMM was removed from the Moravian Unity by a small and powerful group due to its stand against Gay Ordination.  UAMM is hopeful, someday, to re-enter status with the Moravian Unity!  But for now, it is free to grow, expand, without any supervision, but the Spirit of God, and direction from the Word of God!  And indeed it continues to explode in growth!

UAMM’s 18 Churches and Fellowships are located in the Kuskokwim, Bristol Bay,  Anchorage, and the southcentral areas of Kenai and Soldotna including a growing Church in Federal Way, Washington state.   Anchorage,  Bethel, Big Lake, Dillingham, Kenai/Soldotna,  Manokotak,  and Wasilla, Alaska have regular growing congregations.  The biggest ecclesiastical organization is the Anchorage Moravian Church a 299 seat Church facility located at 2150 E Dowling Road in Anchorage, Alaska.

As an umbrella organization UAMM provides the support for any religious group that feels led to join as an independent fellowship or church and work together in an “end time” effort to evangelize and disciple people to expand the Kingdom of God.  UAMM central offices are logistically and strategically placed in south-central Alaska city of Anchorage, Alaska, and it is from there that plans are to reach the world for Christ.  The UAMM group feels it will continue to make major inroads to grow and expand nationally and internationally.

In order to train UAMM’s pastoral leadership, annual training opportunities are provided in Anchorage, Alaska.  A training event  on “Church Planting, Multiplication, and Tithing” was held February 25 & 26, 2017.  The Rev. Lauden Kangele, a former Moravian Minister from Tanzania, Africa was the main instructor, who literally planted 50 Churches in Africa.

Significantly, since early 2013, UAMM is in a partnership relationship with the Honduras Moravian Province (HMP).  This Covenant Relationship was affirmed by the new HMP directors in December 2014.  After removal from the Moravian Unity, the HMP encouraged UAMM to remain Moravian and to work together in partnership with them.  A  former President of HMP, The Rev. Isai Granwell, regularly visits Anchorage to encourage two UAMM Spanish speaking Fellowships located in Anchorage.  In February 2017, UAMM entered into Covenant Relationship with The Moravian Revival Church in Tanzania (MRCT).  Their Churches under Bishop Emmaus Bandekile Mwamakula leadership, like the UAMM Churches are in revival, and oppose homosexual lifestyles.

UAMM’s vision is to strengthen and grow autonomous Churches and Fellowships in  Alaska and the world  by “Advancing Further the Gospel”.   UAMM exists as a Holy Spirit led, “free and Living” organization, which uplifts Jesus Christ as Savior, Lord, and Chief Elder of the Church.   During the February 2017 New Life Musicale, The Rev. Russell Lamont oversaw a display table of informational material for anyone interested.

UAMM is giving beyond itself to bless people in  Honduras, which has over 100 Churches that support UAMM’s continued existence.   It is a poverty stricken area that needs our help to grow more outreaches for Christ.  We are committed to this, therefore three big giving projects are underway to raise dollars for building a new church, planting 10 new Moravian Churches in the Moskito area of Honduras, and providing $2700 for an Engineer student who will in turn support UAMM’s mission upon graduation.  Recently significant dollars were sent to a Moravian Church in Tanzania to help them in their efforts to secure a large worship center in Dar Es Salaam.

Because UAMM is growing financially on March 30, 2017, it began its mission of making significant monetary contributions to the Anchorage Moravian Church to help is pay its monthly rent and to pay a stipend for Administrative Assistant, Mr. John Bill, a business student who is very gifted in technology and marketing.  For years the AncMC contributed financially to bring UAMM to life; now UAMM is on its feet and able to help the AncMC in its mission bringing the gospel and improve the spiritual well being of Alaska’s Native people.

Noteworthy the Anchorage Moravian Church, a full program church, is the largest Native-led church in Anchorage, Alaska.  At the Christmas eve Candlelight service on December 24, 2016, reports are that all seats were full.  The character of UAMM’s Churches and Fellowships are evolving, especially in Anchorage, Alaska.  Among the people and memberships of the Anchorage Moravian Church, the congregation is evolving as a more diversified Moravian congregation of different ethnic groups.  These include the Alaska Natives (Yupiks, Inupiats, Athabascans, Tlingt) and non-Natives (Caucasian, Mexican, Cuban, Chinese, and African American) who are attracted to the non-denominational Singspirations.

Outreaches by UAMM are being encouraged by Evangelist Abraham George, whose story is documented in a book called “Celestial Traveler.”  Deliverance Outreaches combating heron use and alcohol are being accomplished by Pastor Bob Monette of UAMM’s Lion of Judah and Fire Ministry.  Both will go where-ever they are called.

UAMM’s pastors and evangelists are ready to travel where-ever God calls, even to the distant mission field!  You are welcome to worship with us!  Also,  as the Holy Spirit directs, if any Fellowship or Church would like to join UAMM, please call Bishop William Nicholson at (907) 240-8102, anytime.

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