United Alaska Moravian Ministry Group (UAMM) is the God anointed covering that God has provided for the Churches. Churches that have UAMM’s covering include the the Anchorage Moravian Church, Wasilla House of Prayer, Nanraumali Agayuun Moravian Church, Big Lake Fellowship, New Fire Moravian Church as well as the Kenai Peninsula Moravian Churches, who historically have desired to remain in the heritage of the historic Moravian Church.

UAMM literally came out of the crucible of conflict because the traditional Church persecuted them for changing their worship style and allowing the Holy Spirit gifts to function. UAMM is a covering for those spirit-filled, bible believing, and “sign and wonders” Christians who want to make a difference for the Kingdom of God.

With support and funding, especially by the Anchorage Moravian Church in November 2012, under the leadership of Bishop William Nicholson and a delegation of four other Church members, UAMM was recognized as a Ministry Group by the Moravian Unity Board in Herrnhut, Germany. Since then with four churches under UAMM, it has been involved mission projects in Honduras and recently supporting Churches that are evangelical in Africa.

In February 2017 UAMM grew to 18 Churches. Now as of October 3, 2017 UAMM is in fellowship with Churches in the Phillipines and Cambodia as well as in Honduras among the 100 plus churches and 20,000 plus members there. Discussions are ongoing and it is expected that UAMM will be involved even more in the immediate future as it works to support a new International Moravian Unity.

Members of UAMM should feel that God is favoring and using it as an all tribes global movement. UAMM is the vehicle that God has raised up as an undefiled organism to bring awakening and restoration to the biblical church. UAMM from its inception has a mission emphasis in line with the Great Commission.

During the last week of September 2017, UAMM’S pastors and spiritual leaders were trained in Church Planting and Tithing by The Rev. Lauden Kangele, a Presbyter of the Moravian Church who planted over 50 Churches in Africa and to date has planted two UAMM Churches in the lower 48 states. Rev. Kangele is the City of Glory International Church in Renton, Washington state.

Church planting is a big thing for UAMM. On September 28, 25 leaders, many of whom attended UAMM’s training event, are NOW planning on traveling to different villages, different states in America, and internationally where-ever the Spirit leads to plant Churches. The time is short before Christ returns, and since churches that have been planted need spiritual leaders who can perform the sacraments, i.e. baptism and holy communion. Many of the 25 leaders who have been approved by UAMM’s Executive for church planting and ordination will be consecrated sometime in December 2017. Nine of these individuals have already planted Churches and need the ability to perform the sacraments.

Bishop William Nicholson will ordain, however he has “the right” to not ordain, if he feels led by the Holy Spirit. Criteria for ordination is one must be born again, called by Jesus to plant Churches, be able to relocate, and preach the gospel. Once a church is planted it needs ordained clergy to perform the sacraments. And when they leave the church plant, they must assure that there are trained and discipled leaders who can carry on the work of Jesus Christ and plant other churches, too.

The UAMM Executive Committee operates by an approved Book of Order that follows the bible and its contents have been acceptable to the world-wide Moravian Church.

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