Thank you Jerry Nicholson

Mr. Jerry Nicholson of, thank you for stopping by today to check up on the status of the Anchorage Moravian Church online ministry! And thanks tor you help, not only in purchasing the NEW computer for uploading our worship services online, but today, March 27, 2017, assuring that it is updated WITH THE LATEST SOFTWARE and working correctly. Your suggestions have been extremely helpful! You are an answer to prayer, and certrainly thankful for all the others who are pitching in to strengthen the Anchorage Moravian Church.

We appreciate, especially the successful businessmen and women of Anchorage, Alaska who are helping the Lord Jesus and His Church! God bless your professional business at!

FOLKS IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO RECOMMEND THIS MAN OF GOD TO DO big PLUMBING & HEATING jobs and/or CONSULTING Services do so! I am thankful Jerry got our Church internal going last bring the gospel of hope and peace and joy to those that desperately need it!

Jerry Nicholson

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