Spiritual Awakening With Three People Who Saw The Spiritual World

People Who Saw the Spiritual World Testify

This is Bishop Nicholson.  God is moving in incredible ways, today.  Even through children God is making the reality of heaven and hell something that we must deal with, if one does not know Jesus Christ as Savior.  Capturing the reality of heaven and hell is what is happening at the Anchorage Moravian Church during it’s three evening – “What’s Your Story” Singspiration, April 21-23, 2017, 6 pm, nightly.

As a minister of the gospel I’ve done many funerals.  All you have to do when you look at the faces of the people there, especially the unbelievers and you will know that they are asking the question and they do not know the answer, “Where are they now?  What actually happens after death?  Is there really a literal heaven?….a literal hell?

As someone has said, “I don’t care how much education you have or how many degrees hang on your wall, a face-to-face confrontation with the awesome reality of death will make even the most earthly-minded person stop and think.  The problem is that peoople who don’t know or respect the authority of the Word of God have no basis for finding answers to the weighty questions about eternity.  They’re left grasping at baseless theories and empty myths.”

Those of us at the Anchorage Moravian Church know the truth of heaven and hell!  We believe in the Word of God and the transformed life and the realization that the Holy Spirit is moving incredibly in our lives.  And yes, it’s awesome to have people in the Church who have seen the eternal spiritual world through their near death experience or visions.  They are implementing a powerful form of evangelism by telling their stories.  As long as these stories uplift Jesus and the primacy of His Holy Word, it is all for His glory!

And Holy Ghost bring them in, those lost and suffering souls, so that they too can know the abundant life in Christ.


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