NOTE:  This is a Progress Report by Bishop William H. Nicholson, Senior Pastor of AncMC and President of United Alaska Moravian Ministry Group to the Anchorage Moravian Church Congregation, February 11, 2018, 6 pm:
Abraham George, one of UAMM’s Evangelists and Prophetic speakers, telephoned me today, February 11, 2018! He said that God told him to tell me that I needed to give a “Progress Report”, and then he said, “God says – you will know what this means!”
Before this call, I had just finished preparation for a message/sermon on the Anchorage Moravian Church stand against false prophets; against the Jezebel Spirit; and stand against gay clergy in the pulpit. I wanted to speak on the need for all of us to practice a Christ-like holy lifestyle. I was going to share that we are not only an undefiled Church that stands against deceivers in the world and against apostasy, but our aim is to win the lost souls. I was actually thinking of a “sleeping giant waking up”, before I received that phone call, today!
Abraham George, “Iply” again related to me that he heard God say two words – “Progress Report”. He asked me, “what is the definition of progress and report”? I responded to Iply that a United Alaska Progress Report is what I’ve already had in mind, but I did not think of doing it soon. I told Iply that what has been on my mind is what God has done among us, since he had that three year’s ago vision of the sleeping giant waking up and raising an undefiled flag. I felt amazed of a sort of confirmation happening at this moment.
Explaining to Abraham George that progress means “forward or onward movement toward a destination”, so I felt in light of this confirmation, indeed God wanted me to do a “progress report” on what He has been doing through the United Alaska Moravian Ministry Group, to date. After I agreed that I would give a UAMM progress report, Iply then told me the stress is gone in his mind and that he will end the call! And I felt I must immediately work on this report and give it, tonight, February 11, 2018, at the Anchorage Moravian Church Singspiration.
Looking back to three years ago, I didn’t know Iply very well yet. But a remarkable milestone was reached in my relationship with him, soon after an event at the Governor of Alaska’s Prayer breakfast, which happened almost three years ago. It was about an unusual vision Iply had then, which would impact the globe through Alaska’s native people!
If you don’t know about the State of Alaska’s Governor’s prayer breakfast, it began in 1983 with “the simple belief that Alaskans would take time to pray for the leaders of Alaska”. Since then the annual event has grown to where it is regularly attended by 600 to 800 Alaskans who seek God’s guidance and protection for the State of Alaska’s political leadership. The event is non-partisan and non-political aiming to “reaffirm and promote in a Christ-like manner the idea that God has a purpose for and authority over human events.” Wow, that fits UAMM because God created this organism with purpose and authority over human events! God has been directing us. God has authority over us. He has exerted his influence and control and He has been doing great things in us and through our ministries together! The following report is a progress report of what God has been doing through UAMM for the last almost three years, and more!
Abraham’s extreme vision? It was at Governor Bill Walker’s prayer breakfast on March 21, 2015 in Anchorage, Alaska, with Franklin Graham, that Abraham George suddenly had a vision from God. He saw a picture of a “Sleeping Giant waking up and unfurling a beautiful White flag!”. This vision was shared verbally by “Iply” where he was seated at a breakfast table next to John & Candy Miller. Candy Miller is a top prayer intercessor for the State of Alaska who has the ear of Franklin Graham and Governor Walker of the State of Alaska. And the way I got it, later in a documented email from Candy Miller, both Rev. Graham and Governor Walker wanted an interpretation of the vision.
And what shocked me! Candy Miller, said that if Governor Walker or Franklin Graham wanted an interpretation of the dream, they would have to ask Bishop William Nicholson; that’s me. At the time, I knew little of dreams and visions. I was never an interpreter of dreams. Well, Iply, said I would be the vehicle. At first questioning, but soon, I began to pray, and I felt that I might at least try to interpret the sleeping giant waking up vision.
A couple of days later, Candy Miller sent me a verbatim text of the vision. I looked at it; pondered on it, then prayed for help. Then I moved over and sat down at my computer in Eagle River, Alaska and began to type an interpretation of the vision. It was amazing! The words came smoothly as I typed. I felt something very meaningful was happening as I continued to type without slowing down. Suddenly I hit a blank. I waited, wondering what I should say next. Still in a blank, what could not have happened in 1,000 hours, but it was at that moment that I had a phone call from “Iply”. He said he heard something from God, for me, and if he did not tell me it, he would burst! I said, “go ahead, Iply!” As he shared I was amazed, and I began to type again, smoothly, and finished the interpretation, which I will now share with you.
The actual date of the vision was March 21, 2015. At that time, I was President of United Alaska Moravian Ministry and Senior Pastor of Anchorage Moravian Church, a 299 seat Church in Anchorage, Alaska. At the time, Abraham George was and continues to be an active traveling Evangelist recognized by United Alaska Moravian Ministry group (UAMM).
Historically UAMM, created in November 2012 in Herrhut, Germany, by the world-wide Moravian Unity Board, was a quickly expanding Moravian organization made up of six Moravian Churches and Fellowships in Alaska. They were primarily centered in south central Alaska. Its’ home church was and continues to be the Anchorage Moravian Church located in mid-town, Anchorage. UAMM was affiliated with the Unitas Fratrum – the Moravian Unity, a global Moravian organization.
Abraham George has tremendous credibility in the Alaska native community! A book, at the time, soon to be published—“Celestial Traveler” authored by Glen Hermann, a long time Christian apologist with a Master’s degree, documents Brother Abraham’s powerful personal Christian testimony and spiritual experiences which began in December 2005. Then, and today Iply’s testimony and ministry continues to impact the Alaskan Churches and the world. Brother Abraham is sought after inter-denominationally. He is gifted with spiritual gifts by the Holy Spirit in accordance with the Holy Scriptures. He has an incredible ability to hear the voice of God and he speaks prophetically.
As I shared earlier, Candy Miller shared, with me, the text of Abraham George’s vision, which I confirmed with Abraham George before I started the interpretation. The following is the text of the vision. Also following, I now believe, as inspired by God, is my interpretation of Abraham’s mind and heart shown by my comments in parenthesis.
Abraham’s statement: “I saw a vision: In these last days, we are rising; the sleeping giant is rising up from the sleep. We—as the aboriginal peoples of Alaska,
(God’s heart is upon Alaska’s third world peoples in these last days. It has been stated in the Spirit and prophesied by many national and international spiritual leaders, over the last 15-plus years, that Alaska’s indigenous peoples will play a big part in an end-days “awakening” of the Gospel. This “awakening” will be borne of the fire of the Holy Spirit. And it will reach the world with the saving gospel of Jesus Christ. Alaska’s indigenous tribes are a forgotten, poor people and humble people who God desires to use today. They have been unnoticed but now are “waking up” as a body of believers. They come from all the native Alaskan denominations to boldly proclaim God’s saving love and plan of redemption.)
as the Holy Spirit is poured out on to the natives of Alaska—the shaken are going to rein in glorify undefiled.
(The Spirit of God has been pouring out, especially among the Alaska Moravian (United Alaska) and Friends Churches, noticeably. Since 2006, God’s Spirit is pouring out geographically among all the native churches and non-native churches in Alaska, alike. However, Abraham’s vision is that there is a special emphasis of God choosing to move upon the tribal group’s churches and leadership. Out of this indigenous leadership come bold decisions that will shake the national churches and world-wide churches! It will also positively touch the secular and political establishments. For example UAMM—its clergy, evangelists and spiritual leaders, as one group—are readying to take a bold stand insisting upon the unchanging 2000 years of Christian witness of the gospel, and the strong and rich heritage that Moravians have had since 1457 for the purity and integrity of God’s Holy Word. The indigenous people of Alaska will resist its national Churches that are falling into apostasy, worldliness, and acceptance of the gay clergy serving among the pulpits. God’s glory will fall upon the undefiled churches.)
The sleeping giant is raising his banner; spiritually our flag is rising.
I saw a flag, it was big, looking like a clean silky bed sheet. In it was a big figure of a lion with a beautiful mane. There was a sheep and a cup of blood of Jesus, an empty cross, and the Bible. We are carrying that banner—We, the native people in Alaska!”
(Abraham being a recognized evangelist in UAMM, understands the importance of standing on the integrity of God’s Word and Christ’s admonition that He will receive a Church “without spot or wrinkle, nor blemish”. UAMM stands out among the indigenous Churches and is raising its flag of purity and fidelity to all of God’s Holy Word. UAMM is recognized in the global Moravian community and is now coming to the realization that it will play a big role in the world standing for truth. It will not allow another gospel to be preached! As the flag raises it is a call for a form of ecclesiastical separation needed according to Apostle Paul’s statement in 2 Corinthians 6:17-18 – Therefore, Come out from among them And be separate, says the Lord. Do not touch what is unclean, And I will receive you. I will be a Father to you And you shall be My son and daughters, Says the Lord Almighty. As the flag – the banner rises, it is a picture of bible believing Christians, everywhere, standing on the full integrity of God’s glorious Word. The Lion of Judah is with us! The holy angels are fighting with us! The Lion of Judah is soon coming! The blood of Christ covers us! We are Christ’s vessels, today. So too, the banner flying is a battle cry for all true believers in Christ to take a stand and call for national and international repentance. It also a call to restoration of the true church and fellowship to the Kingdom! Amen.)
The vision seen by Abraham George is essentially God raising up, a sleeping giant – the 1st Nations people in Alaska to do his will and to spread the gospel to the nations. It’s about a new undefiled Church emerging in spite of any opposition; it is characteristically a new holiness movement of light in a dark world that seeks to win the lost souls before Christ comes again.
UAMM is an organization that has taken the vision of Abraham seriously. UAMM has raised the standard for the world to see. UAMM has taken on a mission of separation from the world. UAMM seeks to nurture and plant Churches that will win the lost. And to disciple them to also do their part of do the same.
UAMM continues to provide an anointed covering for Churches in Alaska, in America and among the nations to gather together and strengthen each other. As more and more Churches and leaders join together, they agree to move forward in the inspiration and power of the Holy Ghost to build Christ’s Church.
An historical status and “Progress Report” follows showing specific developments, fulfillments and highlights of accomplishments which we can rejoice and be in amazement over. The following accomplishments are listed. They happened within three years after the vision seen by Abraham George and are striking examples of the sleeping giant awakening, arising and raising the undefiled flag among the nations of the world:
1. Prior to the vision by Abraham George, in November 2012 United Alaska Moravian Ministry Group (UAMM) was recognized by the Moravian Unity Board as a Moravian group in Herrnhut, Germany. At the time UAMM’s six Churches were functioning as a living church, under the leadership of the Holy Spirit, and living out the full counsel of God’s Word. During the months after recognition up until 2015, throughout Alaska, Abraham George lets people know that the Anchorage Moravian Church (AncMC) is his home Church. This gives the AncMC a statewide Alaska boost in growing its attendance, especially during the evening Singspiration services.
2. In mid 2013, Abraham George visited Bishop Nicholson’s office and first “breaks the ice’ and begins establishment of a relationship with him. When Abraham George sat in the Bishop’s Church office, suddenly he blurted out to the bishop that he heard God speak. He said he heard the word, “Woe”. Abraham wanted the Bishop to explain this word, woe, since he said for him it only meant “whoa” or to stop the dog team by saying, “whoa”. I explained about Jesus in the New Testament saying “woe to the Pharisees”, the legalists of the day. It is a word of judgement from God. From that time forward, Bishop Nicholson believes that Abraham George can hear the voice of God. Since that day from time-to-time Abraham and especially after the interpretation of the vision, Abraham George, either visits Bishop Nicholson or calls him to let him know what God is saying for a particular time or issue. Abraham’s statements are very encouraging as the UAMM work continues to strengthen and grow.
3. Abraham continues to evangelize the villages of Alaska. As of February 2017, having gone to over 100 villages, Abraham reports many people getting saved and joining the Church undefiled movement. Because of the need for a Holy Spirit led Church, a number of the villages leaders establish home Fellowships and Church. Abraham tells the Bishop that he plans to go to the remainder of the 125 or so villages of Alaska.
4. Not too long after Abraham George’s vision in March 2015, the book Celestial Traveler, which tells the story of Abraham George’s spiritual conversion by Christ is authored by Glen Hermann of Anchorage. This book becomes a valuable tool for evangelism throughout Alaska, our nation, and the world.
5. Abraham George continues to telephone Bishop Nicholson on a regular basis to encourage him and his family and ministry. In turn the Bishop encourages Abraham George in his evangelistic endeavors. By February 2016, Abraham George feels although God is using him to sow the gospel and plant home churches he cannot do it alone! Eventually this leads Bishop Nicholson in September 2017 to receive approvals from United Alaska Moravian Ministry Group’s Executive Committee to begin to ordain ministers who are called of Christ, who can preach the gospel, who desire to nurture and plant churches, and who need the ability to perform the sacraments. By February 2, 2018, over 20 pastors have been ordained by Bishop William Nicholson to serve under UAMM’s umbrella or sphere of influence.
6. In February 2016, the first undefiled church in the Continental United States – Federal Way, Washington, was recognized by United Alaska Moravian Ministry Group. This church is pastored by The Rev. Lauden Kangele who is a Presbyter of the Moravian Church, originally from Kenya, Africa. By fall of 2017, it is reported that two other churches may be springing up in Florida and Colorado, soon.
7. In November 2016, the Anchorage Moravian Church sends it’s first missionary to the Philippines, Church Elder Richard Mercer. Not long after this the AncMC sends two college students to visit Mexico to share the gospel with the Alaska Bible College students. By February 12, 2018, two ordained missionaries, The Rev. Nellie Huffman and The Rev. Valerie Penz will travel to the Philippines to encourage and nurture Churches for up to three weeks.
8. Throughout 2016, the Home Moravian Church of UAMM – the Anchorage Moravian Church’s pastor, Bishop Nicholson began to teach on the Five-fold Ministry, the role of prophets and apostles, and also to instruct its members on dreams and visions. Another push by the Holy Spirit emerged and by late 2016, the AncMC leadership began to discuss about possibly finding a bigger church to expand its programs. The mid-week Bible Study and Prayer group strengthened. Signs and wonders continued to show itself in the Anchorage Moravian Church, which attracted all of Alaska’s Native groups. Many pastors from other denominations arrived to visit, to be immersed in the glory of God, and to share at the Anchorage Moravian Churches evening Singspirations, where manifestations of the Holy Spirit were common place.
9. By August 2016 United Alaska Moravian Ministry group (UAMM) is excluded unfairly (due to it’s stand against gay clergy in the pulpit) from the Worldwide Moravian Unity at its Synod in Jamaica, giving it total freedom to evolve and grow. Since then it has been free to plant Fellowships and Churches where-ever the Holy Spirit leads. Significantly this opened up a new mission work to southwestern Alaska (and the continental US) which needs living waters in the dried up and corrupt Churches. An exciting new ministry, New Fire Moravian Church in Bethel, Alaska was organized in February 2017. About the same time, home Fellowships sprung up in Akiak, Akiachak, Dillingham, Napakiak, Eek, and Kongiganek, Alaska, with Platinum and Aleknagik joining in February 2018. Abraham George reported to Bishop Nicholson on February 11, 2018 that several additional villages will be joining UAMM from the Yukon villages and that there are other men and woman that need to be ordained for end time ministry.
10. During the time of Abraham’s vision in March 2015, UAMM had six churches under its covering. Now as of February 2018, it has 23 Churches and Fellowships with ordained Moravian ministers in 7 Countries around the globe. All of these Churches have an undefiled/holiness emphasis and evangelical focus. Two churches; one in La Ceiba and the other in Tegucigalpa, Honduras joined UAMM on February 3, 2018.
11. In December 2016, Bishop Nicholson began his first missionary trip to Honduras. There he participated in special meetings and reaffirmed Covenant Relationship with 100 Moravian Churches in Honduras. By autumn of 2017, UAMM built and finished its first Church construction in La Ceiba. In November 2017, Bishop Nicholson (in his second international Missionary trip), spoke at a special dedication ceremony for the new Church. He, along with UAMM Vice-President The Rev. Tim Sergie, visits Brus Luguna, where UAMM has aims of supporting a new missionary work among the poorest of the poor, the Moskito Indians.
12. Abraham George reported to the Kingdom Alliance Network during a prophetic conference on February 10, 2018 that 20 newly ordained ministers are now functioning under the Undefiled flag which UAMM is holding up for the word to see. This encourages UAMM to network with Kingdom Alliance Network. UAMM is also looking forward to networking with Mountain Movers in Fairbanks, which also has an international ministry. It was prophesied on February 10, 2018 by Eleanor Roehl of Kingdom Alliance Network that the 1st nations people of Alaska will work together, that Alaska’s native people will go on “aircraft carriers to the globe” with an end-time message of salvation with signs and wonders following.
13. Anchorage, Alaska, has been called, the gateway to the world! Throughout 2016 and most of 2017, the Anchorage Moravian Church’s internet ministry broadcasts to the world; its Facebook and world-wide web informational ministry reaches the nations. In early 2017, Bishop Emmaus Mwamakula in Tanzania begins discussions with Bishop Nicholson to fellowship together and to strengthen each other. On February 2017, it was agreed that UAMM and the Moravian Revival Church in Tanzania enter into a formal fellowship and partnership agreement.
14. Both Bishop Nicholson and Bishop Mwamakula are recognized throughout the Moravian world. Out of this has sprung formal relationships with the Moravian Churches in Kenya and Evangelical Churches in Uganda. In autumn 2017, on the other side of the world, Mission Alliance Church in the Philippines and Cambodia headed up by The Rev. George Lee also began fellowship with UAMM.
15. Bishop Mwamakula and Bishop Nicholson agreed to hold a global convocation with leadership from Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Philippines, Cambodia, the United States, and two Churches outside of the Honduras Moravian Province, represented by UAMM in Honduras. This meeting is scheduled for Nairobi, Kenya, February 23-26, 2018 to discuss organizing of an allied effort to strength each other, remain undefiled, and to reach the globe with the gospel.
16. In order to keep the momentum going, in autumn of 2017, it was agreed that UAMM supports the creation of New Herrnhut, a 16 guest house, Holiness Training Institute located in Seward, Alaska. By spring of 2018, over $80,000 has been invested in grounds preparation and pouring of concrete for the new training institution. Already Bishop Mwamakula is interested in sending students from Africa to attend training in New Herrnhut.
17. Many stories of conversions would fill these pages. Countless life transformations, new Church Fellowships forming across Alaska, and even villages blessed with a new spiritual dimension such as Manokotak, Alaska, where the native students rose to prominence scholastically. There are many fruits that will only be known in heaven. And this progress report is only a partial understanding of what has happened. It is only a high light of what God is doing in our midst in Alaska and in our sphere of influence around the world.
In conclusion, unless the “Giant woke up and raised His Unfiled Flag”, there would not be a movement such as what we see now; there would not be a “Progress Report”. Without Abraham George, Bishop Nicholson and the commitments of the Anchorage Moravian Church leadership and its members, UAMM would not have survived persecution and opposition from the Accuser of the Brethren.
Without UAMM, the undefiled 1st Nation’ holiness movement would not have started to impact those within its sphere of influence. Without the exclusion from Jamaica, UAMM would have been relegated to only the geography of southcentral Alaska.
Now, UAMM is in full freedom moving forward in liberty wherever the Spirit calls. In total liberty UAMM is supporting its evangelists and pastors to share the gospel, not only to Alaska, but to the Nations! It is about end times undefiled ministry with a mission of expansion to target unreached ethnic groups as well as Churches everywhere that clamor for revival.
The sleeping giant is awake! He is holding an undefiled beautiful white flag! The giant is moving forward. The fire in his heart will never go out. And he will continue to foster biblical fidelity and spiritual renewal.
God is good. His work will continue to unfold. It is a movement that will grow and flourish around the world. And its lifeblood will be the 1st nation people, who are humble, obedient, and willing to move forward!
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