Annual Membership Meeting Slated for Next Sunday

Notice for AncMC Membership!  Everyone is invited to attend and vote at annual meeting of the Church Council.  This meeting is scheduled for Sunday, January 23, 2011, at 11 AM.  Annual reports from all departments will be shared.  At least four positions on the Elders and Trustees Board is open for nomination and election.  At least three delegates will be elected to attend Synod in Bethel, Alaska, on December 31-February 4, 2011.  Please be in prayer for God’s blessing. Share with others…

Vibrant Worship & Prayer for Healing in our Midst

Praise be to God!  All glory to our Lord and Savior for He has done great things in our midst through the power of the Holy Spirit.  Sunday night, January 16, 2011 was a special night as both The Rev. Fred Nielsen and Lay Leader for the evening, Grace Haroldsen led the service.  Testimonies and spirit-fill joyful music was provided by many.  Near the end of the service Evangelist Leonard John spoke and as the Spirit of God led, several people spontaneously came forward for salvation, prayer and healing.  The clear result was that two young people found Christ as Lord and Savior and received prayer for miraculous healing.  One had brain cancer, others back problems and another had emotional issues that needed a touch of God’s grace to bring restoration. Worship we understand and joyful singing we understand, but there may always be those who do not understand why and what the results are when the Holy Spirit begins to work.  The Holy Spirit was invited to the service at the opening of this non-denominational singspiration.  When the “Helper”, “Comforter”, and “Guide into all Truth” begins to work, things happen!  All to the glory of God. What happened last night was very interesting.  The … Continue reading

Thank you for Praying! My Friend and Mentor Now In Gloryland

Moravians of the Anchorage Church, Moravians in the Alaska Province and around the World, I thank all of you for praying for a very special man!  My very close friend, Randy Maunder, who encouraged me in the faith when I was a teenager in Bristol Bay, Alaska, shown above, went on to be with the Lord Jesus on January 14, 2011.  Randy lived near Phoenix, Arizona along with his wife Kappy – his precious wife, and his immediate family.   He personally knew former Moravian missionaries to southwestern, Alaska, The Rev. Wilton and Cecelia Schwanke and Mildred Siebke.  – By William Nicholson Note from Kappy Maunder received January 15, 2011:  Thank you William and Family, Randy thought so much of you and treasured your shared beliefs and friendship for all these many years and your family meant so much to him also.  He always talked about you, your dad, your mother, and the other family members.  Randy loved people and had such a wonderful talent for visiting and sharing.  Yes, I will miss him  and our life together.  God bless you and all your family.  Memorial services are being planned.  Don’t have any details as yet.  In Christ’s love, Kappy and Family Share with others…

Sheldon John – A New Baby Born

We welcome a new Moravian “new-born” child into the world!  Sheldon John was born January 8, 2011 at the Alaska Native Medical Center.  He is a completely healthy and normal boy and was born 6 lbs, 12 oz. and 20 inches long.  Proud parents are Nathan and Renee John of Anchorage.  They are formerly residents of Manokotak, Alaska.  Praise God!  Our prayer is that God will not only call, but choose to bless litle Sheldon and thier parents.  Congratulations Brother Nathan & Sister Renee. Share with others…

Evangelist Michael Tinker Needs

Evangelist Michael Tinker of Pilot Station who rose out of the Manokotak Spiritual Experience and under Moravian Elder Abraham George’s ministry is now working to bring the gospel of our Lord Jesus to the villages of the Yukon.  Not too long ago he attended the Moravian Seminary in Bethel, Alaska for a week long conference.  He is a friend of our Church and I have been supporting him in prayer.   Br. Michael has needs for additional prayer support.   May we all pray for finances to support his ministry!  A big need which Michael has now is $800 to purchase a used snomachine, so that he can travel to bring the gospel during the winter months.  Currently over the last month or so, Br. Michael has ministered in Bethel, Anchorage, and Koliganek and the next couple of months he has been invited to speak in Hooper Bay and Chevak villages.  There is no Protestant Church in his village; the closest is two hours away by sno-machine.  Br. Michel is praying about the possibility of beginning a fellowship in his village.  Br. Michael is still not too well known among us in Anchorage, so soon, I will post his testimony of God’s grace in his life.  Also, the next time he comes … Continue reading


Note:  The following testimony of Leonard John is taken from the WE WIN website at  Brother Leonard has been speaking Sunday evening at the Anchorage Moravian Church non-denominational Singspiration services for the last month.  He has been an incredible blessing as he is mentoring our leaders into fasting and praying, getting into God’s Word more, and understanding the person and ministry of the Holy Spirit.  Thank you Br. Leonard. Introduction I am a Tlingit Indian that was born in a little village in Southeastern Alaska, Angoon, Alaska. I began drinking at a very young age. At eleven years old I could get into the bars because I was big for my age. After serving in the military during the Viet Nam War from January 2, 1969 through January 2, 1973. I was discharged with an honorable discharge. I came out of the military not only with an alcohol problem but a drug problem and a sin problem. The attitude was the worst. The Pastor (Willard Liezy) of the Assemblies of God Church in Juneau, Alaska had preached a message on the power of prayer and fasting. They had a list of the young men serving in the military. He then called … Continue reading

Is the Holy Spirit Leading You to Membership in the AncMC?

Anchorage Moravian Church Membership Thoughts   Would you consider membership in the Oldest Protestant Church in the World? The Moravian Church originated in 1457 in Eastern Europe as one of the “original protestants” against Catholicism.  Moravians consider themselves the oldest organized Protestant Church in the World.  It feels special to be connected to a long history of God’s blessing.  With a special “out pouring” of the Holy Spirit in Herrnhut, Germany, began a 500 year missionary effort began by young missionaries with a vision of reaching the lost in the four corners of the world.  God blessed their endeavors. In 1885 Moravian missionaries left Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and arrived in the Nushagak, Bristol Bay area and the Kuskokwim River community of Bethel.  Soon after the first missionary Church was established in Bethel, Alaska. By 1984 over 20 Moravian Churches in western Alaska organized into a self-dependent, self-supporting indigenous Church called the Alaska Moravian Church, now one of the 19 Provinces of the World-wide Moravian Church.  The Anchorage Moravian Church has a non-denominational focus, “inclusive rather than exclusive” that evolved through the outreach concern of the Alaska Moravian Church. Since 2001, the Anchorage Moravian Church continues to evolve and move forward in fulfilling … Continue reading

Young Believer’s In Christ Begins Meetings

“God offers Himself and His cross as an anchor of hope no matter what we face in life.” -Louie Giglio We will be meeting for the first time in 2011 on Thursday January 13, 7pm, at my place. For directions please call 360-0747Have a great week! God is Good!   Whitney S. Carter “Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.” – Proverbs 16:3       Share with others…