Article by Bishop William Nicholson

Newest drummer for AncMC. Bishop’s Nicholson two (2) year old granddaughter, Evvona. She was born sick with many issues, which we are wrestling with. My wife and I have shed many a tear for the health of this child. Her health now is an emerging testimony in itself.

The story behind this video is that Evonna happened to be in the Church hallway visiting the Bishop. Suddenly she cried out to Harry, our Building Maintenance guy, as she pushed open the heavy hall way door and passed through. Out loud and firmly, she said, “Harry, come here….”Kaaamonnn!”…nodding her head to come. After Harry went through the hallway door, Evonna, again called out….”Gramps (the bishop), come here”, so I went through the door into the hall way. Evonna, the recently turned 2 year old, then cried out, “Mom! Kaaamonnnn” (Come Here).

We three stood there in the entry way, wondering what the little one wanted. Then, quickly Evonna, without any direction from us, with her little legs and feet moved over to the heavy main Church sanctuary doors with her little hands amazingly opened the one door entirely by herself (where she got the strength, I can only imagine), then went into the dark sanctuary, which left me in more amazement as she walked forward in the sanctuary. Fearing she maybe become frightened in the dark, I rushed to turn the front lights on as Evonna continued on to the pulpit area, grabbed a mic putting it to her mouth and then sang some words I did not understand. This in itself was amazing too, but immediately afterwards she quickly moved over to the drum set, fearful that she may hurt herself as she successfully seated herself, I went up, and then I noticed that she had total focus’d control and intentionally in her entire countenance and being, picked up the sticks and started pounding.

You can watch this video over and over again and be in awe! I’m awed if you are not! Anyhow my visual and auditory experience knowing the strictly unusual nature of what was happening then, I became emotionally moved, literally a washed in awe. Wanting to grab this moment, I quickly grabbed my Iphone to record Evonna’s first ever experience with drums. I believe she has never been near drums her entire life. Where she got the beat and the movement in her little body is a wonder, when there was silent, holy silence in the Church, which just Sunday night was cloudy with God’s presence!

Next, after drumming her number, the little girl went over to the key board, which Paul Kiunya plays and begins to pound the ivorys with total respect for the keys. The story behind this is that Evonna was prophesied in her mother’s womb that she would be a singer in the Church.

Anyhow, many already know she broke out in song at a Wednesday Night service…at about 20 months old, in baby language, sang “Jesus, Now more than Ever”, a Jimmy Swaggert song which surprised everyone. It was unexpected, but I expect God to use this Child for His glory.

It was Dr. Maria Krinock, a friend of our Church that prophesied over this child when she was in my daughter’s womb, that she would be gifted in music. This unusual event was witnessed, today, April 18, 2017.

Praise the Lord, out of the mouth of babes.

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