New Location and AncMC Weekly Schedule


September 9, 2018 IS LAST DAY FOR REGULAR AncMC WORSHIP AT ST. MARY’S EPISCOPAL CHURCH. The new location for weekly Church events ARE NOW at 624 W International Airport Road, Suite 204 area upstairs. This location is near the corner of Arctic & W International not far from Ted Steven’s International Airport.

Weekly Schedule at 624 W International Airport Rd is as follows:

– AncMC Sunday School, 10:30 am
– Regular Moravian Worship, 11:30 am
– Singspiration “Halfway to Heaven”, 6 pm
– Wednesday Night Bible Study & Prayer, 6 pm
– Friday Night Ministry, 6 pm

To save dollars on monthly rent St. Mary’s Episcopal Church location is anticipated to be used SOMETIMES, once monthly, as follows:

– September 21-23, 2018 at St. Mary’s located at 2222 E Tudor Road, 6 pm nightly for Singspiration Awakening and Revival and Consecration for Bishop-elect Rev. Lauden Kangele of Seattle and Presbyter-elect Rev. Isai Granwell from Honduras.

– October 19-21, 2018 at St Mary’s at 2222 E Tudor Road, 6 pm night for Jesus Reigns Celebration with Dr. Larry & Dale Salaway and son who is a great trumpet player and Stephanie Ezatoff, accordion player and accomplished nationally known singer

Encouragements are there for you to feel welcome at our Church services. For those that are Church hopping we are praying for you to commit to a local Church somewhere. Where you will feel valued and where you can contribute your tithes and personal gifts to advance the Kingdom of God. By doing this, we know that God will favor you and your families and give you many blessings.

Senior Pastor: The Rt. Rev. Dr. William Nicholson, MDiv, ThD
Elders: Nellie Kiunya, The Rev. Richard Mercer, The Rev. Fred Nielsen Trustees: Paul Kiunya, The Rev. Russell Lamont, The Rev. Alexie Nose

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