NEW HERRNHUT IN ALASKA? Plans are for a 16 person guest house, conference and worship center that will support the ongoing work of United Alaska Moravian Ministry Group (UAMM) – the umbrella group of 18 Churches & Fellowships coming out of Moravian heritage.

Thanks to local Seward, Alaska supporter of UAMM land has been provided for construction of unofficially called New Herrnhut Bible Holiness Institute.  This institution in Seward will be UAMM’s training center to send missionaries to the four corners of the world.

In autumn of 2017, additional land mainly for parking is being acquired. Mr. Dean Carl shown in the following video brought in over 200 loads (2,000 yards) of gravel and is currently sawing logs with his saw mill to begin construction of the Moravian Herrnhut facility. This video should give some view into what has already happened!

During its August 2017 meeting of UAMM’s Directorship, it was agreed to officially recognize the development of this important site with prayer and sending of skilled laborers.

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