By Bishop William Nicholson

Returning to Anchorage, Alaska from Nairobi, Kenya on March 1, 2018, three Directors of United Alaska Moravian Ministry Group – The Rev. Tim Sergie, The Rev. Ferdinand Sharp and myself returned safely from an eleven-day international trip.  We are literally in a spirit of thanksgiving and joy for participation and great accomplishments!  The decisions made at this gathering formalizes and fulfills the UAMM vision of the sleeping giant waking up and raising an undefiled flag for the entire world to see!

The World Fellowship of Moravian Revival Churches (WFMRC), not in affiliation with the Worldwide Moravian Unity, is made up of over 70 Churches in Seven (7) countries.  It was given birth on February 24, 2018 in the heart of Africa, near Kenya’s largest and capital city, Nairobi.  Four Moravian bishops (not recognized by the Moravian Worldwide Unity) with co-leadership by Bishop Emmaus Mwamakula of Tanzania and Bishop William Nicholson of Alaska led this global organizational effort.  Functionally, it is the culmination of an “undefiled and evangelical ‘win the lost’ movement!”

All participants at the WFMFC felt that the Fellowship membership is to function autonomously.  It was agreed that Bishop Nicholson will be the key contact in the northern hemisphere, while Bishop Mwamakula would be the contact in the southern hemisphere.  The respective bishops of the World Fellowship will coordinate their work among themselves.

Starting February 26, 2018, the following partial list shows goals we are striving for until the WFMRC meets again in Uganda in February 24, 2021:

  1. Pray for each other’s organizations
  2. Support one another through networking.
  3. Assist in projects together financially, technically.
  4. Work on global outreaches and invite other like-minded to join the Fellowship of the Brethren
  5. From time-to-time request assistance for ordination, consecration of bishops, etc.
  6. Support development of unorthodox training institution that has Moravian heritage, holiness emphasis, and evangelical focus.
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