Moravian Covenant for Christian Living

Note: All Moravians after Count Nicholas von Zinzendorf’s time (post 1727) are classified as “Renewed Moravians”. That is what we are in Anchorage, Alaska and in other areas of rural Alaska. As Renewed Moravians we want to live out the full counsel of God’s Word, but we also follow a special Church document which has withstood the test of time. This document is called the Moravian Covenant for Christian Living. Indeed as we practice it, peace will prevail in the local Church. – from Bishop William H. Nicholson

An interesting and revealing excerpt follows from the Moravian Covenant for Christian Living:

V. Our Witness in the World
A. Love Toward All
We will not hate, despise, slander or otherwise injure anyone. We will ever strive to manifest love towards all people, to treat them in a kind and friendly manner and in our dealings with them to approve ourselves upright, honest and conscientious, as becomes children of God. Together with the universal Christian Church, we have a concern for this world, opening our heart and hand to our neighbors with the message of the love of God and being ever ready to minister of our substance to their necessities. (Matthew 25:40)

B. Our Manner of Life
We will at all times be ready cheerfully to witness to our faith (I Peter 3:15,16) and if need be, to suffer reproach for Christ’s sake (Luke 6:22, 23). Being aware that our witness is made both by what we do and what we avoid doing, we will endeavor to let our manner of life “be worthy of the gospel of Christ,” (Philippians 1:27) “not being conformed to this world” (Romans12:2) But in our yearning for the redemption of the whole creation, we will seek to meet the needs of the world in self-giving love and as true yoke-fellows of Jesus Christ, willingly share in the fellowship of his sufferings, walking in his strength, by whom all things, “are given us that pertain to life and godliness.” (II Peter 1:3)

C. Temperance in All Things
Remembering the admonition of scripture to be temperate in all things (I Corinthians 6:19). We must also remember to respect the welfare of others who may be affected by our actions (Romans 14:20, 21). We are aware of the problems that can be caused by the intemperate use of such things as alcoholic beverages, food, tobacco, drugs and other things. We consider it the responsibility of every Christian to decide most carefully how they can be used in good conscience. We regard intemperance in any area of living as being inconsistent with the Christian life.

D. Unity
1. Christians: We recognize no distinction between those who are one in the Lord. We believe that God in Jesus Christ calls his people out of “every race, kindred and tongue”, pardons them beneath the Cross and brings them into a living fellowship with himself. We regard it as a commandment of our Lord to bear public witness to this and to demonstrate by word and deed that we are one in Christ.
2. Universal: Because we hold that all people are God’s creatures (Genesis 1:27) and that he has made of one blood all nations (Acts 17:26) we oppose any discrimination based on color, race, creed or land of origin and declare that we should treat everyone with love and respect.

E. Other Areas
VI. Discipline
We make it a duty of the Board of Elders, which is charged with the spiritual welfare of the congregation, to see that this “Moravian Covenant” be adhered to and faithfully observed; and we will cooperate with the Board of Elders in its efforts to maintain the discipline of the congregation. As a redemptive community we will be much more concerned in aiding than censuring those who falter, being conscious of our own need for correction and forgiveness.

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