Messiah in the Passover

The public is cordially invited to a special night with Rev. Daniel Nessim of Chosen People Ministries, who will be presenting the Messiah in the Passover at the Anchorage Moravian Church on March 30, 2017, at 6:30.

The following is a little about the speaker Daniel Nessim (from Chosen Ministries website):   “Daniel Nessim is a skilled communicator who has spoken extensively in Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Israel. Having established a branch of Chosen People Ministries in the United Kingdom and planted a Messianic Jewish congregation in the heart of England’s Jewish community, he is now servicing among the Jewish people of Washington State and Vancouver, B.C.

Daniel Nessim is the son of Jewish parents who also believe in Jesus. His mother is a survivor of the holocaust, having been being hidden in Berlin throughout the Second World War. His father was from a Jewish family from Baghdad and Cairo. A few years after his arrival in England in the 1950’s, Daniel’s father became the first in his family to believe in Yeshua. Daniel has thus had a privilege rarely accorded to Jewish believers in Yeshua, having a heritage of faith in his own family. At the age of seven, Daniel already knew that Yeshua was his Messiah and Lord, made a decision to accept Him as his Savior, and began to commit his ways to the Lord.

Now, having left a career in the engineering field and after 15 years with Chosen People Ministries, Daniel is passionately committed to seeing other Jewish people come to accept the Messiahship of Jesus. He believes that there is a great need to “put shoe leather” on the fact that Jewish people can believe in Yeshua and still be Jews. Thus he maintains his own Jewish Lifestyle as a personal commitment while encouraging other Jewish people to accept their Messiah.

Daniel has written books on witnessing to Jewish people, the Gospel through Jewish Eyes, and a prayer book for Jewish believers in Jesus. He is available for speaking engagements and interviews particularly on topics dealing with the Jewish roots of the Christian faith, and their relevance to believers in Jesus today.”

FOLKS COME ON DOWN; LET’S ENJOY OUR TIME TOGETHER WITH BROTHER DANIEL NESSIM.  He will give us an exciting presentation!  The Messiah in the Passover presentation is a powerful visual message not only of Israel’s freedom from slavery in Egypt, but of the redemption of individuals from the bondage of sin through the atoning work of Jesus. The program is designed to give participants a deeper understanding both of Passover and of the Communion table.

The address to attend this special meeting is at 2150 E. Dowling Road, Anchorage, Alaska. This is located at the corner of Lake Otis and Dowling Road.


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