Merry Christmas from UAMM

A very Merry Christmas from the Directors of United Alaska Moravian Ministry Group – The Rev. Tim Sergie, The Rev. Russell Lamont, The Rev. Frederick Nielsen, The Rev. Ferdinand Sharp, The Rev. Alexie Nose and Lay Member Nellie Kiunya.  Greetings are also extended from Bishop William Nicholson, his wife, Barbara, and his family to all of you!

Greetings and a Merry Christmas to the 18 ordained pastors and lay ministers of UAMM’s 19 Churches and Fellowships in Alaska and America as well as the leaders of the Restoration Divinity Church in La Ceiba, Honduras.  We especially bless the leaders of the Anchorage Moravian Church who have rallied into unity in peace in line with the Moravian Covenant for Christian Living and put on a powerful Christmas eve Moravian Candle light service December 24, 2017, 6 pm in Anchorage, Alaska.  Our prayers follow you daily.

We also extend a blessed Merry Christmas to the following nations where we know fellow believers in Christ are willing to work together for Christ’s Kingdom.  We greet you this day in Christ’s name: Canada, Honduras, El Salvador, Phillipines, Cambodia, India, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Surinam, Guyana, Holland, Germany, Czechoslovakia, South Africa, Jamaica, Denmark, and our many fellow believers and friends in America and Alaska.  We especially wish a Merry Christmas to Mr. John Wallace who behind the scenes has made this UAMM website and address possible from year to year.

We love you and treasure our relationship, especially in Jesus Christ, our Lamb who has conquered “Death and Hades” and given us hope for this world and the world to come. God bless you during this season of Incarnation, Grace and Sharing.

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