Leave Us Alone!

There is a part of me that is saying the following: “LEAVE US ALONE SO WE CAN DO GOD’S WILL, SO THAT WE CAN CONTINUE TO BRING CHANGE TO OUR COMMUNITIES AND FAMILIES, TO PROMOTE CHURCH GROWTH, REVIVAL, SALVATION AND HEALING”. I feel these thoughts are in the heart of Jesus. Anyone that has or is trying to stop UAMM’s Churches and Fellowships from doing the work of God according to God’s Word must be very careful. As a result of unreasonable pressure from various locations, I desire to share the following in love and clarity and frankness. It will help clear the air, and bring more clarity.

United Alaska Moravian Ministry Group(UAMM) which I have been President of (since the Moravian Unity created us in November of 2012) was excluded from the Worldwide Moravian Unity at the August 2016 Synod meeting in Jamaica. Our view is that we were unfairly excluded simply because we took a stand for un-defilement and fulfillments for the Great Commission. Yet much good has come out of this. Exclusion gave us total freedom, to do what we felt God wanted us to do. If we are known by our fruits, God is blessing UAMM’s efforts. Our group has been exploding in numbers of Churches and Fellowships. Currently, there are 20 of them in Alaska and the lower US and three Churches in Honduras that are revival and vibrant organizations.

Since August 2016, UAMM was disaffiliated from the Moravian Unity, and the Worldwide Unity and its Moravian Provinces relinquished their authority over us. Again, I will state very clearly – UAMM does not belong to the Moravian Unity. What must be understood in America is that UAMM has its own right to exist and is a legally recognized corporation with the State of Alaska and US Government. Also this organization is protected from any foreign organization that might desire to take control or eliminate it.

The Alaska Moravian Province, its Churches, and its clergy and its Church membership, needs to begin praying for Unity and to edify the entire Church, which we are a part of. The Bible is very clear that there is only one Lord, one faith, and one baptism, which we belong to.

Currently UAMM continues to be Moravian in heritage and doctrine. Since February 24, 2018 UAMM is a member of the Global Fellowship of Moravian Revival Churches (GFMRC), which is exploding in growth in 7 countries. It numbers about 74 Churches and continues to grow quickly. It’s Churches including four Moravian bishops affiliated with GFMRC have full civil and religious rights to exist and doctrinally, they have full freedom to expand and grow the Kingdom of God!

Since there is confusion about what UAMM’s current status is, the following points will be assured to show our disaffiliation with the Moravian Worldwide Unity and the Alaska Moravian Province:

1. UAMM is a creation of the Moravian Unity Board, November 2012 and UAMM retains its heritage. We will dialogue freely with any Moravian Province that is willing to fellowship with us but we will not assert membership in the Worldwide Unity.
2. Following our dissociation with the Worldwide Unity, we choose to retain our identity based upon Zinzendorf’s Theology. Although we feel the term Moravian is a mis‑nomer, it really means where we came from. The Moravian name is owned by true believers in Christ following Zinzendorf’s theology of a Living Church following the full Counsel of God’s Word and keeping the Evangelistic focus. There are many Baptist, Methodist, and other mainline denominational churches that have separated and yet retained their heritage. We plan the same.
3. UAMM is an Alaska religious corporation functioning outside the Moravian Unity. It is an autonomous free organization recognized by the State of Alaska and the US government. Revision of UAMM’s Bylaws, Articles of Incorporation and 501(c)3 affiliations has been in order to show its disassociation from the Moravian Unity.
4. My ordination as a minister and consecration as bishop is an act of God which cannot be taken away because it was done in the name of the Triune God. There is nothing to preclude other religious organizations from recognizing my status.
5. We have changed the UAMM bishop seal a bit to reflect our own Moravian heritage aside from the Unity.
6. UAMM Book of Order does not exist. It has an organizational handbook, but in its affiliation statements, it is not part of the World-wide Unity; instead it is a separate organization with a Moravian heritage. As of February 24, 2018 UAMM became a member of a Global Fellowship of Moravian Revival Churches strengthening its stance as a Moravian heritage organization.
7. Our UAMM website, alaskamoravian.org is not affiliated with the Alaska Province or the World-wide Moravian Unity.
8. Ordination of the 16 individuals were done through UAMM and recognized by God and the Global Fellowship of Moravian Revival Churches, not the Moravian World-wide Unity

Again, it is our understanding that our organization has been raised up by God. After our exclusion from the Unity, UAMM continues to function separately from the Moravian World-wide Unity and has full freedom to exist in any part of the globe.

We have full respect for the Moravian Unity and the Alaska Moravian Province and other Provinces of the Unity. We also ask your respect, so that together as a Unity, we can grow Christ’s Kingdom of Love and Peace. Ephesians 4:4-5 says, “4 There is one body and one Spirit, just as you were called to one hope when you were called; 5 one Lord, one faith, one baptism…”

Thank you for your understanding.

In Christ’s Love,
The Rt. Rev. Dr. William H. Nicholson, MDiv, ThD

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