Ikayuun Incorporated

Ikayuun, Inc.

“The Helping Way”

Ikayuun, which is a Yupik term, means “The Helping Way”.  It is affiliated with the Anchorage Moravian Church.   Since 2012, this organization went into limbo and currently cannot incorporate with the State 0f Alaska until the United Alaska Moravian Ministry group (recognized by the Moravian Unity Board in 2012) is incorporated with the State of Alaska and seeks 501c3 status with the U.S. government.   Ikayuun is privileged to work in harmony with AncMC and its decisions and to support its program, policies and institutions.

Reason for Ikayuun’s Existence:   Providing Humanitarian Aid to individuals and families who are in transition or are displaced by physical or economic circumstances.  This corporation will accomplish the following activities: provide food, clothing, financial assistance, personal financial management counsel, relocation orientation, transport of personal goods, transportation services to individuals and families, transitional housing, the referral and use community resources, and, as it matures, other initiatives as necessary to meet needs.

ContactWilliam H. Nicholson, 2150 E. Dowling Road, Anchorage, Alaska 99507   

Office Phone number: (907) 868-3177

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