Palm Sunday – March 25: Sunday School, 1 pm, St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, 2222 E. Tudor Rd (Corner of Lake Otis & Tudor)
Regular Worship, 2 pm, St. Mary’s with Potluck, immediately after 1 hr. worship
Singspiration/Revival, 6 pm, St. Mary’s with Evangelist’s Gary Simple & Victor Riley
Monday – March 26: Passion Week Reading, 6 pm,
Tuesday – March 27: Passion Week Reading, 6 pm,
Wednesday – March 28: Passion Week Reading, 6 PM
Thursday – March 29: Holy Communion, 6 pm
Friday – March 30 – Good Friday Readings, 6 pm
Easter Sunday – April 1 – Easter Sunrise Service, 7:15 am, Anchorage Memorial Cemetery; Regular Worship, 2 pm, Easter Lovefeast, 6 pm.
ALL HOLY WEEK PASSION READINGS will be done at 624 W International Airport Rd. Maundy Thursday Holy Communion will be at 624 W International Airport Rd, upstairs in the chapel. Easter Sunrise service is scheduled for Sunday, April 1, 2018, at 7:15 AM at Anchorage Memorial Park Cemetery. This is a very traditional Moravian service to worship Jesus by gathering together on Easter morning. It is also a time to remember those that have passed on the last year.
Anchorage Memorial Park Cemetery is located south and across the street from the Sheraton Hotel in downtown Anchorage, Alaska. The street address is 535 E 9th Ave. Many of our Moravian people are buried there at Anchorage Memorial Park Cemetery. One of the notable Moravians buried there is Dr. Joseph H. Romig, the Dog Team doctor (1872-1951; photo shown at left). He is buried in Tract 9, Row 8, Lot 17. He was a pioneer medical missionary arriving in Bethel, Alaska in 1894 as a Moravian Missionary.
Lovefeast buns needed! Interested in baking Moravian buns for next Sunday’s Easter Lovefeast service, at 6 pm, contact Pastor Nicholson at 240-8102 or Pastor Ron Moo at 671-3547.
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