Alaska Moravians Attend Church in Herrnhut, Germany (Video)

Shown in this short clip is a short delivery by the Unity Board President, The Rev. Dr. Paul Gardinar at the Sunday, November 4th, morning worship service which Sisters Nellie Kiunya, Carrie Paton, Brothers Ferdinand Sharp, Melvin Andrew and Bishop William Nicholson attended. Br. Gardinar asks for prayer for the continued work of the Moravian world-unity and so too, we are to pray for the ongoing work in Herrnhut, Germany. It was in here in Germany where the spark of the Holy Ghost and the Word of God propelled the first Moravian missionaries into the whole world. Herrnhut’s Moravian community lives in small town of about 5,000 people, but it continues to be a place of global importance today. — at Herrnhut, Germany.

Alaska Moravians in Germany sing “Praise Ye the Lord” in Yup’ik (Video)

The proposed United Alaska Ministry group visited Herrnhut, Germany (Nov. 2-5, 2012) and had an opportunity to visit Count Nicholas von Zinzendorf’s gravesite. It is here where they sang “Praise Ye the Lord” in Yup’ik. Zinzendorf is the father of the renewed Moravian Church of 1727.