Suicide Prevention

Suicide Prevention: You may be able to help! Suicide in our villages as well as in Anchorage, Alaska is a major problem.  Since this is a problem that is preventable I would like to provide some basic information so that you as a member of a religious community will know what to do in helping to prevent suicides in our communities. Most everyone has had suicidal thoughts at some time in their lives.  Thankfully most people do not hurt themselves, but take steps to understand their pain, seek help from others, and deal with their personal problems. The person who is considering suicide is struggling with a number of personal problems that seem insurmountable; in other words they do not see an immediate solution.  Most people who are suicidal truly do not want to die; they simply want their emotional distress to go away, and feel unable to resolve their dilemma. A suicidal person compounds their problem when they drink or take drugs.  This requires a great deal of patience and love to deal with someone who is in a downward spiral. Persons who are suicidal often feel: HELPLESS –  They feel powerless and unable to change their situation. HOPELESS … Continue reading