AncMC Annual Membership Meeting January 14, 2018 A Blessing

In what is seen as an outpouring of support for the Anchorage Moravian Church over 40 to 50 percent of the members showed up for the January 14, 2018 annual meeting of the Anchorage Moravian Church (AncMC) membership. This meeting was held at the Guest House at 330 E. 4th Avenue, Anchorage, Alaska.

The meeting opened with singing and prayer led by Pastor Ron Moo, Interim Pastor of the AncMC. Bishop Nicholson, sitting next to Pastor Moo, mentioned the importance of thanksgiving and praise. Pastor Fred Nielsen opened the meeting with a passionate prayer for the Holy Spirit to guide and direct the annual meeting of the Membership.

Co-Chairs of the annual meeting were Pastor Ron Moo with Bishop William Nicholson who as President of United Alaska Moravian Ministry (UAMM) assured the meeting ran by the Roberts Rules of Order in line with UAMM’s protocols. Reason for Bishop Nicholson presence was the UAMM takeover of the AncMC in December 3, 2017 to assure that unity, love, and peace resumes after what was seen as a season of turmoil by an illegal Executive Committee takeover of the AncMC program that began in the Church in autumn of 2017. Executive Committees in any of the UAMM’s congregations have not been allowed since January of 2014.

Because of the turmoil, the outreach Gospel vision of the AncMC suffered, several families left the Church, and UAMM was asked by the AncMC leadership to step in. This was to assure that the AncMC remained in line with its history and heritage in compliance with the UAMM Book of Order, which any congregation affiliated with UAMM must abide by.

Time and time again, as the Membership read their comprehensively prepared agendas, resolutions, annual elders, trustees, and financial reports, there was no doubt that they became very informed as to the affairs of their Church. After presentations were made, appropriate motions were made. After discussion, what happened over and over again, was “unanimous voting” for the issues presented on the floor.

The actions are recorded in the Church Council minutes and several important actions are shown as follows:

1. Approval for three resolutions effectively bringing the AncMC bylaws into compliance with United Alaska Moravian Ministry Book of Order. The resolution “out of compliance since January 2014” with biggest positive impact is elimination of the Executive Committee with officers that operate outside of the regular Board of Elders, Board of Trustees or Joint Board meetings. Also Elders & Trustee Board size was brought down to three members each. Another action clarified was that Senior Pastors (pastors) remain as chairman of the Boards of Elders, Trustee, Joint Boards and Church Council.

2. Two Elders joining Nellie Kiunya were voted in for three year terms. They are Richard Mercer and Fred Nielsen.

3. Two Trustee joining Russell Lamont were voted in; Alexie Nose for a three term and Paul Kiunya Jr. for a two year term.

4. Pastor Fred Nielsen gave a presentation showing how the AncMC grew in mission and outreach during the last over 16 years. He said that UAMM is a creation of the AncMC and that UAMM is now involved in missions and networking with other nations for a global evangelical effort. The turmoil caused was an act of the devil to take our vision away. We should not turn inward and instead recapture the vision of the Great Commission. This report was received with applause.

Thanksgiving goes out to the Membership of the Anchorage Moravian Church for attending the annual meeting and assuring that Unity, love and peace prevails. The meeting began shortly after 6 pm and went until after 9 pm. In spite of the long meeting the Membership remained enthusiastically involved in a meeting that brought laughter and joy.

Folks, please be in prayer as the AncMC leaders move ahead, and plan for a new facility where a full program Church can resume its important activity. In order to do this, the Membership are NOW well aware of the importance not only for prayer but for everyone to use their spiritual gifts and to contribute their tithe to the Church.

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