United Alaska Moravian Ministry Group (UAMM) is the God anointed covering that God has provided for the Churches. Churches that have UAMM’s covering include the the Anchorage Moravian Church, Wasilla House of Prayer, Nanraumali Agayuun Moravian Church, Big Lake Fellowship, New Fire Moravian Church as well as the Kenai Peninsula Moravian Churches, who historically have desired to remain in the heritage of the historic Moravian Church. UAMM literally came out of the crucible of conflict because the traditional Church persecuted them for changing their worship style and allowing the Holy Spirit gifts to function. UAMM is a covering for those spirit-filled, bible believing, and “sign and wonders” Christians who want to make a difference for the Kingdom of God. With support and funding, especially by the Anchorage Moravian Church in November 2012, under the leadership of Bishop William Nicholson and a delegation of four other Church members, UAMM was recognized as a Ministry Group by the Moravian Unity Board in Herrnhut, Germany. Since then with four churches under UAMM, it has been involved mission projects in Honduras and recently supporting Churches that are evangelical in Africa. In February 2017 UAMM grew to 18 Churches. Now as of October 3, 2017 … Continue reading

Pastor Nicholson Moves to UAMM as Full Time Administrator

PLEASE KNOW THAT BISHOP NICHOLSON DID NOT RESIGN FROM HIS POST AT THE ANCHORAGE MORAVIAN CHURCH. HE HAS SIMPLY MOVED INTO ANOTHER POSITION HIGHER UP INTO UAMM’S position as President/Administrator. The AncMC is still where he attends and supports totally!  The following is his last message as Senior Pastor of AncMC:   God’s presence is upon us tonight! God loves it when we come together to let Him know we love him and want to bless Him and learn from him and respond to His love.   Tonight is my last message as Pastor of the Anchorage Moravian Church (AncMC). I end my almost 16 years as Senior Pastor of the AncMC and feel a bit of grief and loss, but thankful that the Joint Boards of the AncMC have released me so I can better do my work as a Bishop. The AncMC will continue to be my home church. It is my request that all of you pray for the leaders of the church, be regular in your attendance, tithe sacrifically, and that God will continue to allow this church to grow under new pastoral leadership.   Tonight my proper title will be Bishop and I will speak … Continue reading


Top Gospel Singer Stella Nyanduko from Africa Coming! Anchorage Moravian Church invites you to a Holy Spirit Jubilee (Singspiration event – musicans and testimonies encouraged) w/ Special Speaker – The Rev. Lauden Kangele from Renton, Washington, who already is known among United Alaska Moravian Ministry Group (UAAM), as a powerful Church planter and motivational speaker 2150 E. Dowling Road (Skyline Church located at Corner of Dowling & Lake Otis)             Friday, September 29, 2017, 6:30 pm                                                     Saturday, September 30, 2017, 6 pm                                                    Sunday, October 1, 2017, 6 pm      Stella Nyanduko was voted as the best African female artist in Rwanda 2012.  She is also one of the most celebrated Gospel Artists in Kenya who is representing Gusiilands in the music Industry. Stella Nyanduko has grown to be a renowned global artist in her self-nurtured and well groomed talent in singing inspirational music. She ministers at conventions, crusades, hospitals, … Continue reading

Top Pastor from El Salvador to Speak at AncMC

A SPECIAL WORSHIP OPPORTUNITY FOR THE NEXT Friday Night Ministry at the Anchorage Moravian Church, September 15, 2017, 6:30 pm. Here is the flier: You are Invited for what’s to be a special Friday NIGHT MINISTRY at the Anchorage Moravian Church!!! Who: A Church Planter and Saxaphone Player When: September 15, 2017, 6:30 pm Where: 2150 E. Dowling Road (corner of Lake Otis & Dowling Rd), Anchorage, Alaskas Rev. Lisandro Bojórquez has been pastor for 42 years. He currently shepherds the largest church of the Assemblies of God in El Salvador, Joshua Christian Church (more than three thousand members). The Joshua Church has founded 121 daughter churches and supports 61 missionaries throughout the world. Pastor Lisandro has been President of the Department of Foreign Missions of El Salvador. He is married and has a missionary daughter and a son businessman. Hector Rodas, the sax player will be sharing at the service! Need info call (907) 868-3177 Share with others…


NEW HERRNHUT IN ALASKA? Plans are for a 16 person guest house, conference and worship center that will support the ongoing work of United Alaska Moravian Ministry Group (UAMM) – the umbrella group of 18 Churches & Fellowships coming out of Moravian heritage. Thanks to local Seward, Alaska supporter of UAMM land has been provided for construction of unofficially called New Herrnhut Bible Holiness Institute.  This institution in Seward will be UAMM’s training center to send missionaries to the four corners of the world. In autumn of 2017, additional land mainly for parking is being acquired. Mr. Dean Carl shown in the following video brought in over 200 loads (2,000 yards) of gravel and is currently sawing logs with his saw mill to begin construction of the Moravian Herrnhut facility. This video should give some view into what has already happened! During its August 2017 meeting of UAMM’s Directorship, it was agreed to officially recognize the development of this important site with prayer and sending of skilled laborers. Share with others…