Stewardship Opportunity


1. Training will be provided at the AncMC for at least two individuals who may be interested in running the sound system and internet camera, each Sunday, am and pm services.
2. Anyone interested in ministry to the jail systems around Anchorage, Wasilla, and Palmer, Pastor Nicholson is trying to set up prison ministry training from the State Chaplain’s office soon. As a church, we hope to begin visitation in the area jails. If you know of anyone that needs to be visited, please inform us.


An Unusual Story of Deliverance from Alcohol


“My Testimony of what my Lord and Savior has done for me. Never read the bible before I got saved from alcohol. Never knew that he would neither leave or forsake me. Jesus Christ gets all the glory, honor and praise. He saved me from myself and my sinful life.

I’ve been drinking since the age of 15, turned 32 on August 23rd. I’ve been living a sinful life for 16 years. In the past I wanted to quit drinking, but was addicted to the bottle. My parents told me over and over to quit drinking. I’ve come to the Lord in the past and ask to quit drinking. I was drunk when I asked the Lord; maybe I didn’t mean it when I asked. Last 10 years my drinking got way out of hand.

05/11/15 Monday evening
• Drank 8 days straight May 1-8th, had about 9 maybe 10 bottles of liquor to myself. I was tired of drinking and needed to quit but didn’t know who to turn to. Recently, I was too ashamed to turn to the Lord, in my mind I thought he was disappointed in me in the sinful life I have lived for so long, in my mind I thought I was a lost cause. But I needed the Lord, so I turned to him and started to pray. I asked for the strength to quit drinking and to rebuke all of my sins and asked for his mercy and forgiveness. I was thinking, just like before I’ll get no answer. Sure enough, not even half hour later, I was being tormented by a demon. Satan never had to worry about me because I was already living a sinful life. But once I prayed and turned to the Lord, he sent them after me to try to scare me back to the way I used to live. At the time, I didn’t know what was going on. I was being picked on in my bedroom while watching TV. So I moved to the living room to get some sleep. All of a sudden I heard a loud noise on the other couch. I kept going back and forth from my bedroom to the living room with no luck of sleep. I had to go use the bathroom and as soon as I turned on the bathroom light with no one in there that I could see, I heard “Why didn’t you come talk to me?!” Meaning why turn to the Lord when you can talk to me. I started to freak out and woke up my dad. Once I told him what was going on, he started to pray for me. I stayed in my parent’s bedroom because that was the one room where I wasn’t being bothered or followed.

• Next morning, I tried to brush it off from just getting off an 8 day binge of alcohol and told my dad I was just imagining things. He said no no no no this isn’t something we can brush off, you were being bothered. So I started to watch cartoons with my niece. I gave her juice and I was having some too in the living room. I made the smack lips making sound, so did my niece. Not too shortly after, I heard the same sound behind me. When I looked behind me, there was no one. So I went to my dad and said it’s happening again. My dad called a Pastor he knows and he was able to come over, but it was going to be an hour or so. The demon started following me everywhere breathing down my neck and what felt like him licking my neck as well. My dad said not to show it fear, because that’s what it wants you to do. I couldn’t help it because I never experienced anything like this before. I got tired of the demon following me, so I grabbed a bible and started waving the bible around me for an hour or so. Where I didn’t swing it, it would try and grab my legs, or it would grab my shoulders. I told my dad to tell my younger brother Matthew to go and grab his daughter, because I don’t want anyone here except for my dad and I. Pastor came, he was casual chatting with my dad, in my mind I was saying “what’s going on? I’m the one that needs help. Talk to me!” So I asked him repeatedly “Where do you want me to sit!?” He sat me down in the living room and told me to open the bible to 2 Timothy 1:7 For God did not give us the spirit of fear, but the Spirit of power, and of love and of sound mine. Pastor Nicholson wanted this to be my verse while he sends the demon back to hell. I was too afraid and couldn’t read. Pastor Nicholson was trying to let me read what Timothy said, for me it was not to fear what was unknown to me and God gives us the power to fight. While Pastor and I were talking like regular conversation, saying verse here and there and them praying. While I sat there in the living room with the bible in my lap. I can see the black mass by my feet. In my mind the demon was trying to pull me down to hell. So towards the end, my dad, Pastor and another member of his church were standing in front of me with all their hands over my head prayer. I closed my eyes and in my mind’s eye I can see my body being engulfed by this white mist. I couldn’t see past it but it felt so loving and caring. Once they were done praying, I started to cry because it felt so loving. The house looked brighter. Once I told the Pastor about being covered in this white mist or cloud, he said I was being protected by the Holy Spirit. I was happy, I was thankful it was over. My dad and I went out to go eat dinner. Thinking back on it, they did follow us to the restaurant as well. I could see liquid being shot at my food, they were spitting on my food.

• I didn’t realize that they have come back until a few hours later. I was wondering why these 3 spirits when I thought they were good spirits wouldn’t leave me alone and let me sleep. Then that got me thinking, more have come. That’s when I told my younger brother to take him and his daughter out of the house again. I called back the Pastor; he said a prayer and was able to get rid 2 of the 3. This last one was very hard to get rid of. It started by just tormenting me. Picking on me, following me around. My dad and I went to this church potluck they were having on Muldoon. On our way there I had a bible out and I started reading verses from John. I can see the demon spitting on the bible and laughing at me. This is when the demon started to start throwing rope around me. While I sit with everyone, to me I can see all these ropes the demon was throwing on me. 3-4 at a time, I was sitting there to everyone else like I was taking off air. They looked at me, they knew something was wrong. Sat there for 2-3 hours while they ate, while they sang and then it came to doing their testimonies. I gave mine telling them I’m being tormented by a demon right now. I was surrounded by all these people and they prayed for me. I was so happy to see them surround me to pray. Everyone surrounded me and started to put their hands around me. When they were about done with the prayer, I saw someone put their arm around my waist, I thought it was one of the people from the church. Once they were all done praying for me. I was happy; I didn’t hear or felt the demon. So I sat back down, 5 mins later, I can hear the evil laugh and feeling of uneasiness around my neck. I leaned towards my dad and said that the demon hasn’t left. We went back home to figure out what our next step will be. We prayed and prayed and was still there. We decided to go for a ride and figure something out. Came back home and prayed and prayed, nothing happen. Every time we came back home, the demon was trying to find other ways to torment me. We drove around and came back home 3 different times. The last time, decided just to come home. We stood our ground and started to pray for the next 2-3 hours. For it felt like it was trying to possess me. Trying to go through my ears, nose and/or mouth by turning itself into little beads. I let my dad grab this wooden block that had a painting of Jesus on front. While my dad found this prayer online to send demons back, I was using the wooden plaque of the Jesus painting to swat away these little beads. I felt some trying to go down my throat, I started to throw up. I felt some trying to go through my nose, ears. My dad found this prayer online and was reading it, what he said, I would repeat, we both said with conviction. I don’t know how far along he was on the prayer, but my arms were starting to get tired and I was afraid that my arms would give up and I would ended up being possessed. I asked him how much longer of the prayer do you have left; he said quite a bit I believe. I told him just saw one more passage and lets be done with it. When he was almost done, I told him to keep going, just keep going with the prayer. He would yell the prayer; I would repeat what he said. It went on for another 10-15 mins. I was I believe sitting there praying with my dad swinging at these bead like things coming at me for a good 30-45 mins. Once we were done with the prayer and said amen. We heard the back door slammed, like someone just went and slammed the door. We both looked towards that way; there was a light that shined in the dining area. I’ve seen the light when it’s turned on, never seen the light shined there when we turn it on. This one took a lot out of me. I started breathing heavily and I told my dad that I loved him for the first time since I was a little boy. I dropped down to my knees and I looked at this picture of Jesus on our wall and my dad said to put my arms out to grab him and embrace him and give him praise. Because without the Lord, we would be lost and powerless against the evil spirits. I was having lingering effects from this one, I saw these pieces of rope falling from the ceiling, same ones where they were trying to tie me down or to tie my arms and feet, pin them in by trying to tie me up. I kept seeing them falling from the ceiling. I didn’t want to stay in the house anymore. My dad and I went riding around Anchorage for 4-5 hours. This is Wednesday morning now, we stopped by my brother Matthew’s house to get some sleep. As soon as I laid down to get some rest, I felt something lick my face. It felt like a puppy. This time a puppy and child followed us. They followed us to my brother Bobby’s. The kid kept bothering me. When we were in middle of prayers, I can feel the boy and dog grow into adult size and they would bother me. Got rid of the boy but the dog stayed with us for a while. We went to Pastor’s church couple hours later, and we finally got rid of the dog. When all said and done, it lasted for 2 days, 6 demons came after me. I was up for 2 days; my dad was up for about 1.5 days battling these demons. The pastors prayed for us, prayed for our home and they used anointed oils on every single entrance of the home to be protected. I was finally able to sleep, I slept 8 hours. I was finally feeling comfortable to be left home alone while my dad went to go pick up my older brother Bobby who came in from Red Dog. When I woke up around 8pm to go eat dinner, my arms were so sore from battling these demons last 2 days, could barely get off the couch. I give our Lord all the praise and glory for helping me when I needed him. Never turned away from me when I needed him. For without the Lord, I would have lost this battle and still living that drunk sinful life.

• When I prayed and asked for strength to quit drinking, I also asked to for strength to quit all the bad things that came along when I drank, which included chewing tobacco. I was a one can a day person. I tried to chew tobacco Thursday morning, I couldn’t, because it would make me gag and wanted to throw up. I never get sick from chewing tobacco, but I was getting really sick trying to chew. So I just end up throwing the can away. You can be saved; I was saved by the Grace of God. This is coming from me, who thought I was a lost cause and made me think why bother to turn to the Lord. You aren’t a lost cause. All you need to do is to put your trust into the Lord and to rebuke your sins. It’s not going to be easy work, if it was, we all would be worshipping the Lord and reading his Word. But it’ll be worth it for I do not want to go back to the way I was living. I’ve always known where that kind of lifestyle will lead me if I continue. But I couldn’t shake off the addiction of alcohol and all the sins that came with it. The Lord will always hear your prayers, just need to turn to him and repent for you sins.

Please read and share, pass this along. Thank you for reading, God Bless!”

3rd Night Addictions Conference/Singspiration

3rd night Addictions Conference/Singspiration at AncMC.  Service is led by Layman Mr.

Curtis Alexie.  What a blessing to see young people leading the worship!  The Rev. Bob Monette will speak, especially to those who need the answer to life’s ultimate question as well as deliverance from alcohol, drugs, pornography, and evil spirits.

The Rev. Robert “Bob” J. Monette was born 1952 in San Diego, California.  Of  Native American heritage and at a young age, he came out of an environment of abuse, anger and revenge,  Becoming a motorcycle gang member in the inner city of San Diego, he used nicotine, alcohol, and hard drugs.  He was involved in robbery, gang wars, and shoot outs; a worldly lifestyle dangerous and destructive.  At a low point in life he slept in drainage pipes.  Bob had few friends because he did not trust people and they were afraid of him.

God reached down and changed Bob’s life completely! Through the gospel of Jesus Christ, his “shattered heart and wounded mind” was healed miraculously through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Today, Brother Bob, a close friend of Pastor William Nicholson, has a heart hurting for Alaska’s Native youth.  His heart is lit with the fire.  He truly understands pain, confusion and meaninglessness of those who experience abuse, addictions and hurtful emotions that lead to suicide and death.  His testimony is simply this:  “Jesus died for the lost, for those who are broken and in despair.  He didn’t choose us because we were wonderful, but because He knew that He could make a beautiful vessel of honor out of the ashes of a broken life ruined by Satan!  Thank God for His amazing love!”

Brother Bob has joined with younger members and friends of the Anchorage Moravian Church  including Curtis Alexie, Harry Nicholai, and Putu Synder, to form a fellowship in Eagle River, Alaska called Lion & Fire of Judah Ministries(LFJM).  LFJM meets every Saturday at 1 pm, at Curtis Alexie’s home.

Plans are under-foot for Brother Bob with Curtis and  Putu to travel to Mountain Village (and other Alaska communities) to share Christ and help other young people overcome.  God is miraculously providing for airfares, a boat, place to stay, etc.

1st Night Addictions Confeence

Lion and Fire of Judah Ministries pastor – former gangster, addictive lifestyle, biker in a suit!. Truly a night to help us remember why God desired to send his son to help us when we were in bondage…”In the fullness of time, He sent his son……that we might receive the adoption of sons……that we might call God, Abba Father…..a son….an heir of God.


ChurchCalendar-blueAnchorage Moravian Church Family please be in prayer for the following September 2015 activities, some of which you may choose to participate in at 2150 E. Dowling Street, Anchorage.  Please note that the AncMC Elders during their meeting on Sunday, September 6, 2015 may adjust some of the following to strengthen the schedule:

Regular Sunday morning worship, 11:30 am.  On September 6, 2015, The Rev. Dr. Doug Norwood Jr. of Broken Jars Ministry will be speaking.

Weekly Bible Study and Prayer, 6 pm, at the AncMC Conference Room.  We will tentatively begin studying the Book of Acts and from time-to-time hold discussion on current end time events and certainly pray for needs.  Everyone cordially invited!

United Alaska Moravian Ministry group will open its doors for a second time for four days of biblical block training.  Training at AncMC will begin at 8 am, Wednesday September 8-11, 2015 and continue daily until 4 pm.  Instruction is for any UAMM pastor, elder, and those interested in learning ministry. Instructors are The Rev. Dr. Doug Norwood Jr. and The Rev. Dr. Larry Salway.  Both instructors are very well known bible teachers and inspirational speakers who have been with us in 2014.  Any interest in attending the Seminar, please call the church office at (907) 868-3177 and ask for either Tanya Kernak or William Nicholson.

Holy Spirit Jubilee at AncMC, September 11-13, 2014 at 2150 E. Dowling Road, Anchorage, Alaska.  Friday potluck begins at 4 pm with service beginning at 6:30 and Saturday and Sunday night at 6 pm.  A fund raising potluck will last until 5:30 pm, at the Church Cafe on Saturday, Sept 12, 2015.

A schedule is for three nights of Addictions Conference/Deliverance Ministry with The Rev. Bob Monette minister under Lion & Fire of Judah Ministries.  This is for September 28-20, 2015 at the AncMC sanctuary with a final night of celebration at Muldoon Community Assembly Monday night, September 21, 2015.  The main speaker Monday night is an inspirational speaker with “Power to Change” from Argentina, and Evangelist Jason Frenn.