Pastor EmmanuelPastor Emmanual Twagirimana and his wife, Isabelle from Kenya, Africa will speak at the Anchorage Moravian Church, evenings of May 3-5, 2015 (6:00 pm on Sunday and on Monday and Tuesday, 6:30 pm) Pastor Emmanual Twagirimana who died laid in rubble for seven days, because of warfare. A bomb killed him. His remains were decomposing and maggots were in his nose and ears. When God sent him back to his body, he had to pick them out of his mouth, and indeed like Iply (Abraham George), this man has an amazing story

“7 Days in Heaven” (books will be for sale – $20)

Genocide survivor, Emmanuel Twagirimana, tells his story

Don’t miss this rare special event!!

There is Nothing Too Hard for God!!


Isai and His WifeUpcoming Anchorage Moravian Church Event!  Pass it on…..

Living Waters “Revival, Reformation & Fire” meetings will be held at AncMC, Friday – Sunday night,

April 24-26, 2015 (6:30 pm on Friday and 6 pm other nights).  Pastor Isai Granwell is special

speaker from Honduras.  Time for good messages, prayer for salvation, deliverance, and healing.

Everyone cordially invited and especially Spanish speaking people invited!



PRAISE THE LORD! THE NATIONALLY KNOWN “CHUCK WAGON GANG” IS COMING TO ANCHORAGE MORAVIAN CHURCH, THANKS TO ELDER CARRIE PATON! Also Sister Carrie says, “Thanks to the Quinhagak Young People Leaders Darren Cleveland and Eric Brown, for asking us to co-sponsor the Chuck Wagon Gang’s trip to Alaska!”

The Chuck Wagon Gang is doing a public concert at the AncMC on April 22, 2015, 7 pm. This is at 2150 E. Dowling Road in Anchorage, Alaska. SEATING IS LIMITED!

Admission is $10/seat and $20 for special seating near the front.

If you are interested in attending, tickets are available at the AncMC office by contacting Church Administrative Assistant Tanya Kernak at 868-3177 or cell phone 727-2394 or Elder Carrie Paton at 570-8857.


Happy Easter Greetings!

Lion of JudahThe first words we heard Easter morning is “He is Risen!”  And the response on the part of Moravian believers everywhere – “He is Risen Indeed!”

During this Easter season, the fire of the Holy Spirit is upon us!  Alaska’s Native people and others are waking up to the true, undefiled and saving gospel of Jesus Christ!  What God is doing among us will wake up the world to God’s saving love and plan of Redemption.  Easter 2015 is a time when all of UAMM’s clergy, evangelists and spiritual leaders are challenged to take a bold stand insisting upon 2000 years of unchanging Christian witness of the gospel and strong and rich heritage that Moravians have had since 1457 for the purity and integrity of God’s Holy Word and holy lifestyle.

We continue to raise a flag of purity and fidelity to all of God’s Holy Word.  UAMM will not allow another gospel to be preached!  As the flag – the banner rises, it is a picture of bible believing Christians, everywhere, standing on the full integrity of God’s glorious Word.

Recently Abraham George, UAMM’s Evangelist stated “The Lion of Judah is with us!  The holy angels are fighting with us!  The Lion of Judah is soon coming! The blood of Christ covers us!  We are Christ’s vessels, today”.

So too, as the banner is raised high it is a battle cry for all true believers in Christ to take a stand and call for national and international repentance.  It also a call to restoration of the true church and fellowship to the Kingdom!

May this Easter be special to all of you!  Amen.